2017 Warsaw Artist – Iza

I am Izabela, and I would like to talk about my close encounter with Breaking Walls and my new friends. During Breaking Wall’s two-week project, I have seen more and more interesting people than in recent years. It’s an amazing feeling – sharing one space with peers from such far away parts of the world. It was not for me everyday. I will not lie to you that from my arrival at the Hostel I felt comfortable. Many times I was uncomfortable, many times I felt strange, many times I just felt like not crossing my borders. But now, after the completion of the project, I know that this crossing of all our borders is the most important experience of Breaking Walls. To find myself in difficult situations, to communicate successfully  in another language, to make friends with my fellow artists who possess completely different cultures and views on the world … this allowed me to discover my new self. I am very happy that I joined Breaking Walls and created a “small global family” with wonderful people. Family Breaking Walls.

I will be very happy to mention our outings for meals, jointly going through the streets and guarding not to ignore the red light. Such simple sights were enriched by laughter, and will be in my memory forever. Even now as I write about it and remember teaching the Polish language to my new friends, I laugh to myself.

The moment that was most special to me was the performance day. Our group of 2017 artists opened up their hearts and showed what we can do best in front of the audience. It was the day everyone was waiting for, and we were preparing for this show many days. After the applause, tears, emotions and smiles on the stage, I felt great pride. We did a beautiful, unforgettable show together. We did it together, many unique people created one artistic show that proved that if people share passion and sensitivity — nationality, color and religion do not matter.

I can not imagine not repeating such an enriching the experience of acceptance and kindness again.

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