An Update from breaking walls 2012 Berlin Delegate Corinna

Hey folks,

Here are a few pictures of my life:

I am glad that I finally found the time to write to you about things going
on in Indian Springs. As you see, English is my preferred language and I hope
you don`t mind. Some of you might be interested in comparing Everyday Life in
boarding schools to day schools in Berlin. How does my typical day look

getting up at 7, breakfast, going to classes. Classes start at 8.00. We
have 3 classes before choir. Choir rehearsal is half an hour everyday from Monday
to Friday. After rehearsal we have lunch, then classes again,
after school: sports (I played Volleyball in the last season)
then dinner study hall from 7.30 – 9.00 p.m. study hall are quiet hours where we have
to study

I have 6 different classes everyday: English, Math, Physics, Leadership,
> US history and Music Ensemble. I could choose most of my classes.
In Music Ensemble, we play duets; at the moment I play together with a

Always a highlight! I can choose if I want to go to a house of a friend,
or participate in weekend activities here.Typical weekend activities: Community service
(for instance painting in a house which will be sold for a cheaper price to people
who cannot afford living in a house, movie or rides, firepit).

On Sundays, we can go to the church. Here are so many different churches:
Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Korean, Chinese church and more.
Almost nobody goes to church from Indian Springs School (we have different
religions but we are not a religious school), but I go to the different churches
in order to figure out the differences in
the believes, and especially the differences in the mess. I have been to the
Catholic, Baptist and to the Chinese church. Because some people have
heard that I often go to church on Sunday, they were surprised that I am not
Interesting is also the answer that you may get when you ask people if
they are Christian: “No, I am Catholic”.

Last week, we have been at the US Space and Rocket Center and watched the
“Hubble” movie there. You can see photos from there when you click at
the link.

Last but not least, you probably want to read a few sentences about sports

Although football is king in Alabama (Roll Tide!) we don`t have a football
team at Springs and we don`t have cheerleaders. And although we don`t have a
marching band, we have the typical team spirit in sports. There is a spirit club in
our school and they make signs for our sport teams with nice cheers: from
Altamont!” to “Go Springs”


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