Anti-Racism Festival- Berlin

“Dear Fran,

I apologize for myself, taking so long to sent you some visual impressions of our booth at the first Anti-Racism Festival in Berlin from last Saturday. The pictures I took are just from the right beginning, while we were starting to set everything up. Unfortunately  I had already some plans with my family and could not manage to stay and help longer. That’s why there are no pics from later that day. Just try to imagine some oriental and international food next to the laptop and some flyers on the desk!

I already asked Martha whether she can write a resume about our booth into the breaking walls group on Facebook, because she stayed a little longer during the afternoon when more visitors have been there. For so far, I know, that they always have been busy by selling food and answering the questions of interested people about our project. They gave some our Facebook- and web-address and had a lot of fun. While keeping in mind, that it was the FIRST Anti-Racism Festival in Berlin that’s great I think!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Much, much love,


Maria, Aleyna & Merve at the breaking walls information tabel

Maria, Aleyna & Merve



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