Barcelona artist, Nuria’s, breaking walls Journey

July 22, 2015
Apparently a normal day, but the nerves are racing inside of me. At 3 o’clock I’ll take a bus to Barcelona and finally I’ll be able to meet my Breaking Walls fellow artists. In some hours I’ll meet Fran, Danny and Mohammad. I don’t know anyone, even the two guys of my delegation, but that isn’t a problem for me. The hope of knowing that breaking walls could be one of the most beautiful experiences in my life doesn’t stop me from introducing myself to everyone shamelessly in the pool that afternoon. “Hi, I’m Núria and I’m from here, from Barcelona”, something like that I say to introduce myself. Then the work is to remember the names of everyone: Hamza, Sibongiseni, Crystal, Noor … The first thing I think is, “I won’t be able to remember any name …” Thanks to that game we do as part of our “Kick-Off” evening I learn each one.

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