Sticks & Stones – Truth Words by the 2018 Brooklyn Artists & Ambassadors

Sticks & Stones

Written & Performed by the 2018 Brooklyn Artists & Ambassadors                                                        Based on the 2018 Santiago Theme: The Thirst For Truth – Words Matter

Madje: The world was created with words

Jake: When I watch people read personal poems sometimes, I can see the weight of their words in other faces. And then that’s when I know that their Words have touched someone.

Christian: Perception is key                                                                                                                                    It all depends on how you chose to believe a word.

Madje: When people say you are beautiful, intelligent, just those word make me feel special.

Carter: Everyday walking into the building, walking down the hall, sitting down in my seat.                        It becomes apparent that I always know what to expect whether I trust my hardest to ignore, avoid, anything, but it never seems to fail knowing that you have something to say and you won’t hesitate to say it.

Jonnell: Sticks and stones may break your bones but word will never hear. Are you sure?                       All of us have scars.

Naya: They are reminders of event in our lives, actions, regrets.                                                                    But the scars on our mind are different.                                                                                                            They don’t exactly break skin.                                                                                                                            They burrow deep as syllables and rhymes.                                                                                                      They say you are not good enough.                                                                                                                  They say you will always be lost.                                                                                                                        And these scars don’t fade, with me.                                                                                                                  They only fade with change of mind.                                                                                                              Words are reminders of who we are.                                                                                                                  And like some of our biggest scars, they run deep and leave its mark.

Jake: Even when a great tragedy has happened, words will always heal. Martin Luther King spoke words of healing to a nation, once sovery divided, , his words touched the lives of many.                                    And it is a hopeful for ones who couldn’t see it.

Carter: In the world we live in today, honestly is there anything more pressing than the truth? We all strive for the truth no matter what the situation or reason. Whether it’s good or bad; whether it will hold you back,or push you harder.

Jonnell: Mixed into your DNA/Words can’t and won’t leave you                                                                        In your head screaming, yelling, telling you to remember.                                                                                Hey remember what they said that…..                                                                                                                  That totally explains who you are.

Carter: Yea, you’ve send me home in some deep thoughts, some tears, frustration thinking = what did I do.

Jonnell: Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will some time haunt you.

Christian: Three elements, sun, moon . . . truth l of which you can see and that you can say these as long as you have all these things in your mindset, nothing can overcome you. The sun may signify light and happiness, the moon is the complete opposite feeling representing your darkside everything you try not to be. And then there’s the truth being the equalizer – balancing everything out letting you know that your day won’t go wrong.

Jonnell: We as humans thirst for the truth.                                                                                                          Going to the deepest and darkest depths to find it                                                                                              We value the truth to be the answer the reason why.                                                                                        It’s embedded into our soul to know.

Carter: When words are true or when they’re pointing something out just to make joke.

Jonnell: Ignorance is bliss, but not knowing leaves you vulnerable.

Christian: You only make something hurt you when you let it in, and start to let that break you, limb by limb, tear by tear, and it will continue to break you until you tell it to stop.

Madje: Truly the truth cannot be hidden for so long. The sun comes out in the sky everyday and like the truth, however far or how long you are hiding it, it will show up one day.

Jonnell: We want the truth, we need the truth but… sometime we’re not ready for it.

Jake: The wish for the truth is a wish for knowledge, a closed mind may never be ready to accept a painful truth. The truth is not always need and in some cases can we be gulle over some see the own of time there has always been a querell for truth.  some mide the truth from the people and should them come to the world. The truth is powerful. It can move nolions forward of baeleword. I personally think the truth is one of the saleable tools of the world.

Naya: “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth” Buddha.                                I believe that we discover something about ourselves each and every day.                                                  And like a new moon, it may not be seen, but it’s always there.                                                                    The truth is like an ocean, it can free you from a land of lies and deliver you peace.                                    And sometimes it can knock you off of your feet and sweep you away from the word as you know it.  The sun and the moon, fug at the tides of truth.But like a new moon, although it may not be seen,          It will always be there.


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