Throwback to the 2015 Barcelona Performance: Khusi, Nuria, and all the group


The breaking walls family after the show, Barcelona 2015.


Here I am smiling, crying, letting out what is killing me inside in front of my brothers’ and sisters’ neighborhoods.

Facing some of my fears for the first time in front of them because of their inspiration.

I see my past as one of the things that made those things come alive.

Every time fear comes my way, the knowledge and mistakes I have made chase away the fear.

We learn from our mistakes so that we won’t make them again in the future.

Those things put a smile on my face every morning even if the day before wasn’t the greatest.

We are the leaders of tomorrow and to be a leader I think you need to taste the sweet and sour water.

To be that model for someone it takes your past because the things in your surroundings don’t define you.


“If you don’t take care of our world, who will do it?”


“With respect, you will get respect in your life.”


“You have to think beautiful things, try to smile, move on, and tomorrow will be better.”


These 3 examples of simple sentences from 3 of the most important people in my life changed my way of thinking because when I think of my future I’ll be able to remember what was told to me by these important people and know to do better.

EVERYONE (Singing)

Fly little bird fly

Fly until you’re free again

Fly ‘til you touch the sky

Fly away to see a new day

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