Breaking Walls 2017 Berlin

First I would like to thank you for your time and your support. When I made contact with you, I was surprised how you explained what Breaking walls means to young people around the world. Breaking Walls is making a really huge labor with students who need hope and healing in their lives.

At the beginning I was concerned because my Berlin students are not used to being open when we talk about themselves. You guided me to start with simple exercises like “ How are you today?” and “What does  my name mean?”.  And then here it comes!!! The first Wow!! when I asked them to answer the question, “Who am I?” What a wonderful time… they didn´t realize how it can be possible to connect with each other through their words and deepest thoughts.

I appreciate every minute that I shared with these students, it was an  amazing time. The atmosphere in the classroom was stable, interesting. They were concentrated, grateful, creative. Their eyes reflected peace, happiness and sometimes sadness.

This Breaking Walls Workshop for my English Language Learning students was a challenge. We talked about different topics like: love, hate, racism, judgement, and exclusion. And . . . it was a wonderful time as they shared their own ideas, feelings, and dreams.

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When I met you in person, I felt that I´ve known you before. I think it was  our energies!! You are amazing Fran! Your energy is marvelous. Elena Saldivar, English Language Teacher

A NOTE from Breaking Walls director/founder, Fran Tarr: This Workshop was our first international In-School Workshop with three classes at the Paula Feurst Schule. The Willkommen Klaus are refugees and asylum seekers; and, the PL Klaus (PL stands for Productive Learning) are students who have been identified as non-successful in a traditional German classroom. After their performance the Headmistress, Brigitte Kather, generousily committed to sending THREE new Berlin artists to join their global          brothers and sisters in Santiago!!

Would YOU like to join your global brothers and sisters in Santiago from July 5 to 19, 2018 – where you will use creative writing and theater performance to build a model trusting and accepting global community? If, YES – get your application by connecting with Fran Tarr at

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