Breaking Walls 2018 Santiago

Breaking Walls is an annual, global youth empowerment Boot Camp — using creative writing and theatrical performance to build global peace and acceptance. Young people from all over our world, representing many cultures, religions, socio-economic conditions, sexual orientations, educational levels and status as immigrants and refugees, discover their voice to act as peacemakers and leaders. Breaking Walls’ collaborative process serves as an innovative, holistic, value-based model for arts and peace education, global citizenship and youth empowerment.

For two weeks, their young people engage in an ensemble writing, performing and peace-building boot camp, community service and engage with the Health & Wellness team. All of these components culminate in a live theatrical performance for an audience in our host city. The ensemble performance is the main impact of Breaking Walls – the creation of an inclusive and peaceful cohabitation and social interaction built on the arts. Additionally, Breaking Walls young people contribute one full-day of community service to their host city.

Breaking Walls 2018 Santiago, the seventh annual global Boot Camp, will bring together 42 young people from Amman, Barcelona, Berlin, Bethlehem, Brooklyn, Cape Town, Detroit, Warsaw and Santiago for 14-days to write about issues of self awareness, the thrist for truth, and shaping an accepting, peaceful world. Our young people also engage in community service, and with our Creative Activist Lab, and the Youth for Global Health team.

Each young person returns to their home community after our intensive 14-day ensemble writing, performing and peace-building boot camp where they having explored their imagination and embraced their creativity. Empowered by compassion, collaboration, accountability, and commitment they strive to nurture a world in which they can trust one another.

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