Brooklyn artist, Britani, Shares Her Thoughts on 2016 Initiative

Imma really miss everyone. My Barcelona, Palestine, South Africa, and Detroit babies (oh and Virginia we’re always forgetting to mention him lol) Yall mean a lot to me in the short time we spent with each other. To start, my favorite part about the whole experience was staying at Ohana Gardens. I believe that it was a perfect place to cement our bonds because the Hoye Family is unified and loving, they eventually rubbed off on us. Mrs. Diane and her family are so luminous and welcoming its hard not to love em. Their hospitality was better than any 5 star hotel, if you’re heading to the Highland Park area I definitely recommend Ohana Gardens. Then everyone we met outside of Ohana was a bonus to the experience. Now to the fam. Everywhere we went we became the life of the party. Staying up till hours in the a.m to play WOLF, cutting each other 24/7, teaching each other about our homes and cultures, coming up with our codes and stuff (lololololololol), and KILLING OUR PERFORMANCE!! Yall got my heart, and I got your backs if needed. Whether or not we see each other again I’ll always be down for yall. This too much emotion for me so I’m out.

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