breaking walls On-Going Cultural & Educational Partner:

ACHS EMBLEMVACORN Community High School in Brooklyn, New York USA

ACORN Community High School will provide a global learning environment of high expectations that is not only rigorous in high academic standards, but also self-empowering. Through performance based assessment, all members of the ACHS community are able to collaborate, question and transform into life-long learners and refined critical thinkers. Principal Andrea Piper ACHS Battle Cry: “Success is the only option.”

breaking walls 2014 Cape Town Partner:

topbar_r1_c01The Rainbow Dreams Trust We are an extended family of dedicated volunteers and disadvantaged children. Our community project leaders act as second parents to our township youth. Our Camp Buddies care for and uplift chronically ill and disabled children. Our volunteers are the heart of our organization.          

breaking walls 2015 Barcelona Partner:

Col Legi De Teatre(1)The referee Barcelona Theatre is a training center that was founded in 1983 as an alternative flexible, dynamic and open to new trends in vocational acting, and over the years has grown and consolidated. Teaching is a landmark in the country forming generations of actors, actresses and artists who currently contribute their talent to all areas of interpreting and performing arts.

The referee Barcelona Theatre is a professional training center that specializes in training actors, integrating rigorous educational approach in trends, aesthetics, techniques and working methods of the most innovative and relevant arts.

The teaching staff of the school consists of qualified teachers in their specialty and when professionals, actors, directors, playwrights and producers who bring the student to a professional reality integrated into the educational process.                     

breaking walls 2016 Detroit Partner:

Matrix#2In order to build community, improve lives, and foster social justice, Matrix Theatre Company teaches, creates, and shares theatre as an instrument of transformation.  As a part of that mission, Matrix Theatre works with students ages 5-18 to create original works that express what they see happening in their community.  The Matrix Teen Company consists of high school students from the Detroit area who write, produce, and act in a full season of plays each year that draws attention to crucial issues facing our world.  Past productions have addressed issues such as bullying, the public education system, immigration, gang violence, and much more.  They can’t wait to work together with breaking walls, to collaboratively create a piece that describes who we all are as global citizens and as ambassadors for our community.

We are thrilled to have these additional partners for our 2016 Detroit, Michigan USA initiative. Each of these partnerships will enhance the voice of our artists and ambassadors:

gmcopCulture of Peace – Our common goal is for Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, the guiding light behind the United Nation’s Culture of Peace Initiative, to engage our artists & ambassadors in a discussion of their leadership in the Culture of Peace’s Plan of Action implementation of Human Rights Education into every school curriculum globally. This discussion will happen via Skype and be produced as a video for both the Culture of Peace and breaking walls.

cvf-1Strategic Partner

Fran Tarr is proud to be selected as a Creative Activist by the Creative Visions Foundation. breaking walls is supported by the  Creative Visions Foundation, a publicly supported 501(c)3, which supports creative activists who use the power of the media and the arts to affect positive change in the world.

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