February 22 Kick-Off breaking walls 2016 Detroit by Naya Mason

On February 22nd, I attended the breaking walls Fundraising Event. The event was something I will truly remember for a long time. There were many people there, and although I was nervous, they greeted me warmly – all of which encouraged me to be more open. I realized the event was something that was not only for meeting people, but for being able to share a story and to gain support. Fran was extremely supportive and kind in guiding me through the event, I am extremely grateful for her support.

During the event three fellow artists of the breaking walls program explained how breaking walls works. It touched my heart as well as the audience’s simply because it made me realize my own feelings about breaking walls. We watched a short film about the other artists and ambassadors in the program who spoke about their writing, performing and travel experiences. Each person had a story to tell about meeting new people. Each person stated that breaking walls can make a difference. I believe it can bring forth peace in the world because it has done so for myself.

After the film, I felt excited because I had yet to experience a travel story like my fellow artists. But I also felt emotional because I had noticed the true depth of breaking walls that I have yet to reach. The event itself not only taught me about my own views, but it opened my mind to new ideas, people and stories.

breaking walls does exactly what it says. I believe it broke barriers that I set ahead of myself, and it freed me.

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