Get Involved

Your support of breaking walls is what keeps us going! Here are some ways you can help:

Play Host

Hosting any number of breaking walls or brooklyn bridges events can help us spread the word and make a world of difference not only to the project but to the lives of these youth. Consider hosting a screening of brooklyn bridges- to bethlehem & back, writing workshop, discussion or fundraiser at your home, school, place of business, place of worship – or wherever you think people would like to congregate and learn more!

Provide a Service

breaking walls is expanding and growing, but doing so takes resources we don’t always have easy access to. Can you help our cause by providing collateral, printing materials, making DVDs, or designing t-shirts, stickers and other fun promotional items? Those are just a few ideas of things we may need down the road, but we will happily take suggestions as well!

Raise a Buck or Two

Are you a natural fundraiser at heart? Maybe you’d be willing to help us reach our financial goals. Any and all ideas, suggestions and guidance welcome… We know this is not the easiest part of any project, but it is one of the most vital.

Spread the Word

Word of mouth is a powerful tool… not to mention an easy and effective one! Simply spreading the word about breaking walls on our behalf helps bolster our cause. Talk about breaking walls on your social media sites, at industry events, in your newsletters, on your websites. Share our videos and stories! We are more than happy to provide images, logos, news, and more for you to share with your friends and colleagues.

Speak Reach Peace Out

Literally! We invite you to submit your own or your students’ writing, visual arts, photography, and music to our online magazine Speak Reach Peace Out as we seek to create a true forum and repository for expression through the arts.