High School Musicial Star & U.N. Youth Ambassador Monique Coleman on breaking walls

Monique here to tell you about the not-for-profit I totally believe in and support.
breaking walls encourages global dialogue in a day and age when our youth culture is less about sharing and more about self-soothing and isolation . . . And, that is not what breaking walls is about. It makes breaking walls so necessary right now.
The program brings together young people from all different cultures and backgrounds to find their voice, and to use it to communicate. breaking walls creates a safe and trusting environment where these young people are empowered to utilize their voices for their own transformation and the transformation of our world.
If we are ever to have a safe and peaceful world it will come from the hearts and minds and hard-work of young people – these breaking walls artists and ambassadors.
I am psyched that these amazing young men and women from Spain, South Africa, Germany, and Palestine will gather this time in OUR very own Detroit, Michigan (with our Brooklyn artists) – and that they are partnering with the artists at the Matrix Theater Company’s Summer Youth Program!!



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