breaking walls is the outgrowth of its director/founder, Fran Tarr’s, documentary films bethlehem to brooklyn: breaking the surface (2008) and the award-winning brooklyn bridges- to bethlehem & back (2010).

In 2010 the artists from Brooklyn and Bethlehem recognized we built this bridge and want to continue reaching all kids of every race, religion and culture – inspiring the creation of breaking walls.

Please meet the artists of bethlehem to brooklyn: breaking the surface and brooklyn bridges- to bethlehem & back. People ask, where did Fran find these kids? How intense were the interviews she conducted to find these nine amazingly resilient teens?

Fran’s process is simple: She asks, Who wants to be a voice for their generation to rectify misconceptions and challenge the stereotypes projected on your generation? Then she looks to see who raises his or her hand–and lets the writing begin. These are the young men and women who accepted the challenge.

participantsBerlin was selected for our initial breaking walls initiative because the vision of dismantling the Berlin Wall inspired breaking walls to dream even larger than Bethlehem & Brooklyn. Over nine-days 16 new artists from Bethlehem, Brooklyn and Berlin experienced the writing-performing workshop as well as face-to-face dialogue while touring Berlin together. The most exciting aspect of the Berlin workshop was the writing performing was led by six Brooklyn and Bethlehem ambassadors (youth facilitators) who were cast members of both documentaries.



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