Meet Ryan . . .

As I craft the storyline and grant proposals for Ahki: Brothers Beyond Fate, I am letting the world know who Mahmmad and Ryan are:

Ryan lives in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with his grandmother, mother, sister and brother.

“Growing up in Brooklyn all these years has taught me to always expect the unexpected, especially with opportunities that come once in a lifetime.  Being in these documentaries and breaking walls is one of those opportunities.

“I’d never been out of Brooklyn, so the trips to Bethlehem in the Middle-East and then Berlin had me very excited. People in this world might look at me in the same light after all these experiences but it will not bother me because this whole Bethlehem to Brooklyn to Berlin experience has taught me that you should never judge people, because you never know what they carry on their shoulders, where they have been, or who they truly are. If people don’t talk to each other, they think the worst.

“As for being a part of Ahki: Brothers Beyond Fate – every step I take along this road is a new lesson for me.. And each lesson just brings more good to me and to everyone who sees our films and hear our voices. I’m more than happy to continue building these bridges.”

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