Nuria’s Journey Part 3

July 30, 2015
The performance is done and the result is spectacular. We do a fantastic job and I’m very proud of how I did. I feel sadness and joy at the same time. Sadness because tomorrow comes the day to pack our things and come back home, and joy to know that I did my best of me during these 10 days.
I come back to my home – it is the same as the day I left, but I come back different. I return home knowing that the best decision I’ve ever made is coming to breaking walls. I am a different person, a new person with new ideas of the world and new ways of facing my life. I return home knowing that I am a lucky person. I return home thinking that someday I’ll be able to change the world. I return home knowing that next year will be waiting for me a magnificent group of people in Detroit. I return home thinking that this year will be long time waiting to see everyone again, but knowing that I will be taking three wonderful Barcelona delegates; Maria Sergi and Joshua, with me. I know that they will be here in my head and heart forever. breaking walls starts a new friendship with all of them.
I return home thinking that Breaking Walls has changed my life.

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