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Support Brooklyn teens’ Creative Activism . . .

bring them together with Berlin, Bethlehem &

Cape Town teens for

tolerance and understanding through writing!

breaking walls is pleased & proud to announce that we have gained official 501(c)(3) status. As of November 2013 breaking walls is a  public charity, all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.




                                             artists & ambassadors today & tomorrow



breaking walls is an ongoing and viable global arts activism program pairing kids struggling in chaos and conflict, offering them a new outlet for validation and peace through the arts and face-to-face dialogue. With the support of educational and cultural partnerships, volunteers and friends, the program bears witness to the transformation of participants as they grow from the students of today to the leaders of tomorrow.




Meet the students of bethlehem to brooklyn: breaking the surface (2008) and brooklyn bridges- to bethlehem & back (2010).

People ask, where did you find these kids? How intense were the interviews you conducted to find these nine amazingly resilient teens?

My process is simple: I ask, “Who wants to be a voice for their generation to rectify misconceptions and challenge the stereotypes projected on your generation?” Then I look to see who raises his or her hand–and let the writing begin. These are the young men and women who accepted the challenge.

In addition to collaborating with these brave, honest, dedicated young men and women, it’s my good fortune to have the support of Independence High School and the Al-Rowwad Cultural & Theater Training Center. These institutions generously granted me access to their students and classroom space to conduct my writing-performing workshops.

Independence High School is an alternative New York City Public High School serving the needs of young adults who have not met with success in their previous high schools.  Independence High School is comprised of 340 students, 17-21 years of age, from poor socio-economic communities in New York City.  Its mission is to help the students develop self-esteem and achieve academic excellence as they earn their high school diplomas.

Al-Rowwad Cultural and Theater Training Center is an independent Palestinian center for artistic, cultural, and theater training for children in Aida Camp. The center’s mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment to help children creatively discharge the stress of the war conditions they are forced to live in. This creative approach is “a beautiful resistance,” according to Dr. Abdel Fattah Abu-Srour, Al-Rowwad’s founder and director. Dr. Abu-Srour is an internationally acclaimed playwright and director.


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