breaking walls artists Exhibit Their Writing

breaking walls artists are our writer-performers, and our ambassadors are the youth facilitators who were once writer-performers themselves. These young men and women are our best advocates for the excitement and effectiveness of “In My Neighborhood” in building empathy and understanding within their generation and communities.

Kofo from Brooklyn:


In my neighborhood I see the EMT’s saving an elderly man, who cries for his fallen wife and daughter, while a police car wails in the distance.

In my neighborhood I hear children playing with joy, who are oblivious of the dangers lurking in the shadows waiting to strike.

In my neighborhood I smell apple pie cooling down on the windowsill as I think of a family with the same kindness and sweetness as the pie itself.

In my neighborhood I taste sweet victory as I accomplish the goal of raising enough money to save my grandmother from the struggles and loneliness of a nursing home.

In my neighborhood I can touch the hands of my friends, who I love as brothers because of the bonds we share and the trials that have made us stronger.

In my neighborhood I feel that the hopes, desires, and visions of the past generation have been passed down to a new generation crafting serendipity of both sadness and serenity.

My neighborhood is an oasis of unity, a place full of issues and difficulties, but also where I can return one day and hope to see a continuation of peace.

Corinna from Berlin:


In my neighborhood I see one family house with small gardens and children playing near the street.

In my neighborhood I hear a little boy crying who claims that his brother doesn’t give him his bike.

I my neighborhood I smell the flowers.

In my neighborhood I taste the cherries of my tree after I picked them.

In my neighborhood I can touch the cat that comes to say hello in the morning.

In my neighborhood I feel relaxation.

My neighborhood is a comfortable home that is not separated from the world, but my entrance to it.

Manal from Bethlehem:          

In my neighborhood

I hear the bullets passing through the houses, the tanks enclosing small streets.

I hear the sound of children crying and screaming with fear.

I see women watching their children shiver from fear.

But in a deep moment in my heart I feel hope that our life will change and this will change.

I see our freedom dawning.

I believe the time is within reach.

Alene from the Bronx:


In my neighborhood there are a lot of problems . . .

In my neighborhood I see a lot of drug dealers,

In my neighborhood I hear noise from the train, I hear everything that goes on downstairs because I live on the second floor,

In my neighborhood I smell dog crap, people walk their dogs and don’t pick up after them,

In my neighborhood I taste the evil vibe that’s how bad it is.

In my neighborhood I touch the dirtiness,

In my neighborhood I feel unsafe, it’s not a good environment.

My neighborhood is not a good place to live . . .

But I understand my neighborhood . . . because of the people I trust.

Every time they see me they take care of me.

In my neighborhood I have not had a problem with anybody

Because in my neighborhood, the way I act that’s the way people are going to treat me.

breaking walls ultimately expects to create an international community of artists who will know how to use creative writing and live theater performance as effective tools in

·         Coping with environments of chaos and conflict;

·         Effecting artistic and personal transformation that leads to lasting social change;

·         Effecting understanding and empathy on a personal, neighborhood, community, national and international level.




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