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The breaking walls Board of Directors and Advisory Board sustain mentor-ship and guidance in artistic and education theory and professionalism, fundraising and grant writing, business planning and networking. breaking walls dedicated leaders from business and the arts directly and individually influence our artists and ambassadors as role models. Advisory Board member, Ali Mousa, plays a special role providing insight and context for breaking walls and its Palestinian artists and ambassadors.

 breaking walls

Advisory Board:

  • Martha Gallahue, National Ethical Service
  • Condola Rashad, Actor/Singer-Songwriter.
  • Dr. Anne Stockton,
    New York State Department of Disabilities.
  • Emily Turner, Marketing Consultant.

      Board of Directors:

  •                   Arthur W. Allen,                      New York Life Financial Service Professional.
  • Samuel Floyd,
    DynCorp International Professional.
  • Dina L. Wilcox, Author.
  • Sophia Yurkoski,
    Citi Bank Professional.

Creative Partners:

  • Angelo Boyke
  • Crystal Boyd
  • Ronnie Davidson
  • Michael Traquair
  • Rony Metayer
  • Shawn Waite
  • Beatrice Coleman
  • Emily Turner

 breaking walls is made possible through the generous support of: Peace Development Fund, the National Ethical Service, and the Rainbow Dreams Trust; and, our breaking walls Supporters – ($2,500.00) and Friends -($500.00 to $2,000.00) Contributors:


Martha Gallahue
Schaad Sisters Companies
Ron Valeggia


  • Arthur Allen
  • Billie Allen
  • Paula Arroyo and Eddie Natan
  • Maria Baca
  • Crystal Boyd
  • Andrew Brown
  • Kathleen Chalfant
  • Rebecca Ellis
  • Sam and Yvonne Floyd
  • Martha Gallahue
  • Jonathan Groff
  • Kate and Don Harris
  • Chandra Ivey
  • Warren and Cathi Karp
  • Allen Ladd
  • Cheryl R. Lehman
  • Karen Louis
  • Michael Marsallo
  • Peter McLennan
  • Chivonne Michelle
  • Sue and Jerome Rock
  • Thomas Schumacher
  • Diana Silimperi
  • Menucha Stubenhaus and Akin Adebisi
  • Linda Swanson Shapiro
  • Dorothy Tarr
  • Adina Taubman and Michael Dermansky
  • Ron Valeggia

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