Re-Launching our Documentary & breaking walls Online Teen Mag

As a way to get the message of our documentaries & breaking walls out into the world we have an online literary, visual arts & music teen magazine titled: Speak Reach Peace Out.

After our wonderful experience in Berlin together, we are preparing to re-launch Speak Reach Peace Out in mid-September. We are creating its own Facebook page for you to “Like”, and linking it to our Twitter feed.

The most exciting aspect of the re-launch is that we will be hosting a virtual re-launch party– at a computer near you! You’ll be able to download the sounds of our documentary cast members as well as the sounds our new writer-performers!!

Here is Ryan’s response to the idea . . .
“Greatest idea ever- the thought of people downloading our music and seeing how multi-talented we all are, besides the writing and performing just made my day. I don’t know if you ever heard the expression ‘Every hero needs his own theme music’, but this is a prime example of that concept. I think we could really extend our message thru the music and incorporate music of the places we go to and the people we meet. Let me know we I can submit any writings or recordings I will do so in a heartbeat.”

What are your thoughts?

And check-out our Speak Reach Peace Out website to find out how your voice can be heard . . .

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