Reflections from breaking walls 2014 Cape Town

Jihad Radi, Bethlehem artist

breaking walls was my first time in South Africa – Cape Town. It was wonderful, I can not describe  breaking walls with words. I met people became my family, my brothers and sisters; and, there was one mother who embraced everyone, Fran.

“We woke up in the morning to start new writings, to express our feelings, and to collect these writings to prepare for the performance. Our performance was wonderful. As I waited to go on stage I was optimistic because my friends were beside me and our work felt like one effort.

“We visited wonderful places. My favorite was Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was suffering and imprisoned for 18 years. All my respect went out to Nelson Mandela and the people who mingled suffering and sacrifices in order that all of us may live with dignity.”

Jihad a top Table Mountain.

Jihad a top Table Mountain.

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