Reflections from breaking walls 2014 Cape Town

Martha Crowe, 2012 Berlin and 2014 Cape Town artist

“It’s been almost two weeks from the end of our breaking walls Cape Town 2014 initiative at the time of writing this. Yet a part of me still can’t quite bear to admit that it’s over. After joining breaking walls as a Berlin artist in 2012 we have all been working towards the ten electrifying days that signified another enormous step for breaking walls. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what made Cape Town such a powerful experience, one which managed to build on the unified foundation we had created by Berlin and grew outwards and upwards. Possibly it is merely the natural state of things, that breaking walls could and should improve with time. Still, I will always be thankful that we spent our time in Cape Town occupying a communal space. Living, eating, sleeping, writing, and when the time came to say goodbye, weeping, forced us all to leave any natural reticence behind. In Berlin I was able to go home every evening and reassert my status quo. This may have allowed for more space to process and sounds actually more pleasant.

“I was so nervous, prior to arriving in Cape Town, about how difficult it would be to live with 28 people constantly around from the moment you awoke to when you shut your eyes. I thought it might be draining, a thought which now seems ridiculous. In fact being a 24/7 community gave us a separate space to exist in- one which was free, honest and safe and incredibly constructive to the strengthening of our sense of family.

“In retrospect, I realize that out Berlin work left me in a position of re-evaluation. The experience broadened my perceptions of my place in this world and the importance of everyone’s unique yet unified interactions with it. I knew that I had to continue to be a part of this organization – breaking walls. However, somehow Cape Town went further and I feel left with a sense of rebirth. So many of the 2014 artists and ambassadors now plan to take the energy and knowledge we gained and continue to work to implement it in our everyday lives. I can only hope that breaking walls continues to develop, together, improving steadily with each step taken.”

Yep, that's right . . . Martha, a Berlin artist, and Jihad, a Bethlehem artist, WE have reserved seats for lunch.

Yep, that’s right . . . Martha, a Berlin artist, and Jihad, a Bethlehem artist, WE have reserved seats for lunch.

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