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ar, Dear Fran smile

Hope everything is fine and that the planning and preparation and promotion of breaking walls at Harlem Festival is going well!?

I showed Simon last weekend the first time “breaking the surface” and “brooklyn bridges- to bethlehem & back” – AND HE WAS OVERWHELMED! HE LOVED THEM!

In Berlin he wasn’t able to come to our final performance, because he had to work sadly. So I just told him about everything, all the wonderful people involved, the facilitators, the new writer and performers, what we did – where we have been and what the aims of Breaking Walls are etc. But it’s so much different just to TELL someone about this project than actually SHOWING the soul of it visualized through the documentaries.
He was like “oh my god, I knew the project you participated in is something special – but I hadn’t a clue that it is THIS kind of special! If I heard of it I would loved to participated, too”

And that brought me to the idea that I’d loved to do the same with other people I know: Like my past teachers or some relatives of mine. I’m sure that they’ll love it and maybe donate (at least) a little – so that we can keep on!

So, I wanted to ask you if there are any teasers/trailers or promoting videos in future planning already?

Sending you lots of Love and Energy from Berlin,

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