Stars & Change Makers – A Reflection by Brooklyn Ambassador Jonnell Simpson

On Monday, January 29th Breaking Walls held our annual fundraising evening. This event showcased Stars & Change Makers Paola Lázaro and Kurt Peloquin who shared their amazingly powerful, truthful poetry with us. Their honest words, talent and presence inspired everyone in the room.ThankPaola and Kurt for your support of the Breaking Walls mission and all of my fellow artists, ambassadors and associates.

The evening also spotlighted the individuals who support Breaking Walls behind the scenes like the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York, Maciej Golubiewski and the Consul (Political) and South African Consulate General in New York, Dion Van Tonder. It was empowering to hear your support of Breaking Walls. Thank you.

Of course the Brooklyn artists and ambassadors who make up a powerful team were there in force. I have the pleasure of being ambassador and a former artist at Breaking Walls. Last year I took a short hiatus from the group for academic reasons. But luckily I am able to come back to my Breaking Walls’ family to add my voice. Coming back was like I never away. I was welcomed back with many open arms. Even though some things changed, from new people to new ideas it was still the same organization I love.

For Monday’s performance we created a script to perform based on our 2018 Santiago theme “the thirst for truth – words matter”. We were nervous but we knew at the end of the day we will get through it like we always do.

Then we joined Paola and Kurt for a Talk-Back with our supporters. Everyone shared their ideas and thoughts on some important questions. We all felt an uplifting spirit and the need for change from a strong group of positive leaders with powerful voices. When the night concluded each person was left with the sense of what a powerful group of young people can do if they have a voice and are empowered to transform the future.

As we say with enthusiasm – ONWARD to Santiago!!

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