To Our Dear Cape Town Writer-Performers

Speaking for all our breaking walls writer-performers and facilitators, Neha Dutt in Berlin, writes . . .  

On behalf of the “Berliners, Bethlehemers and Brooklynites“, I would like to say a few words regarding our planned trip to Cape Town, 2013, for the project breaking walls. To our misfortune, the hard work of our determined members to raise enough money in order to go to South Africa, has tragically reached an obstacle; a few days ago we found out that the trip has been delayed. As soon as we heard this, we were all very upset. Especially after putting so much time and effort into making this dream become reality, we found it hard to cope with the fact that we would not be going. We were so optimistic about flying, that we already discussed what South African specialities we wanted to try, what clothes to pack, what writing triggers we might encounter and what our performance would turn out to be.
However, despite not being able to go this year, we still look forward to meeting the South Africans, Palestinians and Americans in August 2014. The experiences from 2012 were all so transformative and powerful, so entertaining and delightful, that we feel compelled to move forward. We will do our best to ensure that this project brings joy and excitement, as well as creativity and dialogue, into our lives next year. We will use the time wisely, take larger steps and do any other necessary actions to fly to Cape Town next year.
Even though we cannot physically be together, we look forward to starting our workshop via Skype. This will give us the opportunity to see all our friends and discuss future actions we must take to make our dream of going to South Africa, reality. And for now, we will remain optimistic and continue to work hard in order to potentially build a new bridge and break down yet another wall in this world.

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