Warm Feelings

Oh Fran,

Our whole last week with breaking walls was simply amazing. Especially our karaoke-evening! It was soooooo much fun!! The atmosphere, when everybody was singing together the songs, it felt like we’re a constantly group for a couple of years already – everybody laughed or had a smile on his/her face…

I will NEVER forget this! When we drove home I felt such a happiness in my stomach, something like butterflies of the love of friendship maybe… Neha and I talked during our journey home about nothing else but our group and how much we love each one… Sorry being so “kitschy” / cheesy!

And I got the second movie “Breaking the surface” – it’s perfect timing! We Berliners meet up on Monday, July 23 at Neha’s to watch both of the films. But Jasper, Lucie and Aleyna will be missing because they are on vacation.

I’m convinced that we will make another reunion. YEAH!!



Merve, Ryan & Corinna in the Tiergarten!

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