What Being A breaking walls Artist Means

I’m Egypt Murrpy-Smith, a Brooklyn artist. Being a breaking walls artist for two years has been amazing. I’ve learned the importance of trust, friendship, respect, courage, and leadership in just a little time. Being chosen to go to Barcelona in 2015 was one of the greatest things that could ever happen to me. I was able to meet new friends that are now family, and I learned that no matter where in the world we come from we all share common problems of violence, unjustly being pre-judged, and worst of all — not being heard. It was in these moments that I realized that breaking walls was not just a writing group, breaking walls is a group that gives solutions to the problems that young people around the globe are dealt.

I am happy to be going to Detroit this July of 2016. Not only do I get to expand my breaking walls family, I will be in touch with a new community where breaking walls artists and ambassadors can press ahead creating solutions not problems. We at breaking walls build bridges not walls.

I am hoping that if you’re reading my thoughts you will understand a little better why myself and my fellow artists and ambassadors want to continue building trust and tolerance in Detroit

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