Looking Back . . .

As breaking walls looks forward to our 2014 Cape Town initiative, our director/founder, Fran Tarr, is looking backwards for a few moments. The image below is of Ryan Smith, Ameer Shan Fazal and Mahmoud Abu Srour. It was taken in the Aida refugee Camp in 2010.

We were in Aida Camp to film our second documentary, brooklyn bridges- to bethlehem & back. At that time Ryan, Ameer and Mahmoud were artists creating the Collage Play to be performed in Manhattan with the entire Brooklyn and Bethlehem cast.

Fast forward, to 2012 when Ryan, Ameer and Mahmoud are breaking walls ambassadors facilitating 16 young artists from Aida Camp, Brooklyn and Berlin.

In less than 90 days, these young men will join their fellow breaking walls ambassadors, Mohammad Abu Srour, Merve Kania and Fabienne Muntu, in Cape Town to guide our 20 artists through their writing and creation of our newest Collage Play.

14)Ryan,Shan,Mahmoud:Bethlehem copy

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