breaking walls At Independence High School

breaking walls


Independence High School

Anonymous Souls Our Futures

Written & Performed by:

Enrique Guillion, Mahmadul Hassan, Tamia Lee, Jamika Newenle,

Erick Ortiz, Stephanie Pietri,

Raihan Rahman, Theodora Richards and

Vanessa Soto


To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be.



You’ll never be successful!


Stop making music . . . focus on something real!

I am going to hate on you!!!

Clean that!!!!

Don’t judge me by my circumstance . . .

I am a girl who dreams of success . . .

I am admired  . . . a word that makes me honored . . .

I am so to be a lawyer . . .

You never take life seriously!

You’re going to drop out and get pregnant before you’re 16!

You will never bring joy to others!

I am amazing, beautiful and different.

I am blind to those who underestimate me.

I am hopeful . . .




You’re never going to understand!

Don’t you want a future!?

Hey guys, look a band Bangladeshi peasants

                                                               You’re going to end up dead!!

I am the freedom to be my own soul . . .

                                                             I am power, love, friends, peace . . .

I am happy I’m good and broke free

Too many people take life for granted . . .

I am a passionate guy who loves history . . .


Grow up!

Pick it up B _ _ _ _!!!!!!

You want to act stupid!!?

I let it go so I won’t get kicked out of the game . . .

I am a girl who doesn’t take disrespect lightly . . .

I am perfect in my eyes . . .

I am a girl whose dreams are to bring joy into other people’s lives . . .

I am a blessing in disguise . . .

Because I want my life to be something I am proud of, I want it to be exciting.


Great, full of blessings and positivity

Free of danger!

Successful and happy cause who knows what the future will look like . . .

Amount to something!

Enjoyable and spontaneous . . .

Filled with happiness so I can carry myself with a positive attitude around the people I meet.

Positive . . .

Categorized as a living legend . . .


More stable, then accomplish everything!

To be successful and accomplished . . .

To be an adventurous success!

Worry free, stress-free.  I want my life to be happy.

I want my life to be remembered by friends and enemies . . .


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