Celebrating Our Global Family

Our “Celebrating Our Global Family” evening that took place for Breaking Walls on January 30th was certainly an unforgettable one. The meet-n-greet was certainly interesting, and it was refreshing to see so many people who were curious about how the youth plan on changing the future for the better. After greeting our supporters, our ambassador (Egypt) introduced the Vice-Consul from the Polish Consulate, the Consul General from the German Consulate and the Political Consul from the South African Consulate whom I met not long before. These professional diplomats took a great interest in our role and took time to hear what we had to share about Breaking Walls. A short video was shown in which our international brothers and sisters shared their own thoughts on Breaking Walls, and the positive impact it had on their lives and perspectives. After the film, our performance took place. I must say, I was certainly moved by the attention our words drew, and the sparks of awe in those that had not known what was to come that night. The following Q & A was one of the many highlights of the welcoming. Breaking Walls has once again shown me how one idea, can slowly but surely change our lives forever. I cannot wait to continue my journey and share my story with my Breaking Walls family in Poland, 2017.

-Naya Mason

Breaking Walls Brooklyn Artist

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