Reflections on Celebrating Our Global Family – March 19 – in Detroit

The Fundraising Event, Celebrating Our Global Family, that took place on March 19th, 2017 was a great success and beautiful turn out. I saw so many faces that were eager to be a part of our Breaking Walls Community and Family. The speakers, Dr. Amorie Robinson, Georges Prosper, Mimi Norwood, and Dr. Simmons, who presented had such powerful words. They moved me and my fellow artists to create our own “blueprint” for changing the world. These community leaders and role models spoke to us on personal levels and helped us open our minds even further to the world around us and how we can impact it.
Heading to Poland with Breaking Walls will be so exciting to experience. I can’t wait to have more Breaking Walls family that I can relate to and learn from. Going to Poland will be just another step on the pathway to making a better community around me and a better global community as a whole. Meeting the Breaking Walls artists from Poland will further help us with making our blueprint to change the world one person or in this case one global family at a time.
Thank you Dr. Simmons for a wonderful experience and being our 2016 Special Mentor – a title you richly deserve. Dr. Norwood – thank you for being our 2017 Health & Wellness Ambassadors – welcome to the family. See you in Warsaw!!
Detroit Artist – Joelle Sanders

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