Want To Join Breaking Walls?

Our director/founder, Fran Tarr, is eager to share with you our “how-to-get-involved” information. Breaking Walls offers three levels of programming:

+ Our signature ten-day, holistic, value-based creative writing, performance and peacebuilding initiative. This initiative takes place in an international city. 2017 will see 28 artists, ten ambassadors and two associates in Warsaw, Poland from July 5 through 17.

+ Our five day Community-based initiative consists of the same focus and process of our signature initiative with an emphasis on bringing together divergent groups of young men and women within their community setting. Our international associates join the leadership team to expand the richness of the experience.

+ Our in-school Arts Education initiative serves as a platform for self-expression, community-building and enhancement of literacy skills within the classroom setting.

For the full information on how your child, community and/or school can participate contact Fran Tarr at breakingwallspro@gmail.com

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