As part of the renowned EstroGenius Play Festival WOMEN SPEAK/WORLD LISTEN is a passionate, multi-media exploration into the lives of thirteen young breaking walls women artists coming-of-age in the chaos and conflict Berlin, Germany; Bethlehem, Palestine; Brooklyn, New York; and, Cape Town, South Africa.

breaking walls, a non-profit, international creative writing and performance initiative, empowers youth to discover their voice, and offers them a platform on which to use it. breaking walls relies on partners, sponsors, mentors, volunteers and friends like you to engage and support young people as they become creative artists and empathetic leaders of tomorrow — actively advancing personal transformation and social change on the global stage and within their home communities.

SPREAD THE WORD . . . October 31, 2014 . . . 7:00pm . . . The 4th Street Theater @ 83 East 4th Street in Manhattan . . . Tickets: $25.00  At EventBrite.com/WOMEN SPEAK/WORLD LISTEN . . . $30.00 At-the-Door cash only



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